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We are a dedicated group of photographers of all abilities who meet up monthly to share our photos and to learn how to get the best from our hobby. We offer a very informal environment which is led by the group in the topics we learn about. We are always open to suggestions for new topics and or challenge tasks which everyone is encouraged to participate in. This creates a group focus for our camera work.

Although we have occasional speakers, our emphasis is practical; learning how to improve our photography and sharing skills and opportunities with each other. 

We have regular sessions on all aspects of photography including:

And also have practical photography sessions covering a wide variety of subjects including:

We welcome new members and guests to the club. We are open to anyone able to come to the our meetings. You do not have to live in or around Gainsborough. You may also be a member of another local photo club. If you are keen on your photography we would like to meet you regardless of your level of experience. You are welcome to contact us in advance or to simply come along on a Friday and join in. We suggest you come shortly after 1pm so you have time for a chat with our leader before we begin.

We are able to supply pre cut mount board and Fotospeed print paper at competitive prices for members.

The group owns a ColorMunki monitor display calibrator and printer paper profiler for accurate print output.

We will continue to charge a minimal fee of 3.00 per 2 hour session to cover costs and any materials used in sessions. Why not come along on a 'first Friday' afternoon 1.30pm and join our photography community?

To read our Constitution please click here